About us


Firearm Competency Assessment & Training Centre (FCATC) is accredited with SASSETA as a training provider and also with SAPS as a training institution. Our shooting facilities meet with the standards required by the SABS and accredited by SAPS. FCATC was established to bring about accredited, quality firearm training/assessment in terms of the Firearms Control Act 2000, (Act 60 of 2000) to both the Security Industry and general public. This legislation requires every person who owns or possesses a firearm to obtain a competency certificate. A competency certificate is required for re-licensing of an existing firearm licence and licensing of new firearms.




South African Police Service

SAPS Accreditation No. 4000202

We are accredited by SAPS and comply to all requirements. For more information about the law with regards to firearms - please click here.



Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority

SASSETA Accreditation No. 051916517747

SASSETA is a SETA that has been set up to facilitate education and training specifically to the wide range of safety and security providers and services in South Africa.


SAPFTC (also known as PFTC)

South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council

PFTC is a SAQA recognized Professional Body as of 19 September 2012. Our role is to properly regulate the firearm trainers and assessors of South Africa with clear performance standards and guidelines of best practice, in order to have a professional firearm training industry based on ethics, quality and pride.